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Our Mission

Learning Lodge Academy will cultivate a nurturing atmosphere where collaborative and cooperative interactions engage learners in critical thinking and problem solving.

Our Vision

We will inspire greatness so all learners dream, believe, and achieve!

What are Charter Schools?

Charter Schools are...

* Tuition-Free Public School

* Non-Profit Organization

* Nonsectarian/No Religious Affiliations

* Accountable for Positive Academic Results &

   Fiscal Responsibility

Florida charter schools are public schools of choice which began in 1996. They are free to innovate and often provide more effective programs to diverse groups of students. They operate under contract, or charter, through their sponsoring district.

The purpose of Charter Schools is to. . . 

* Improve student learning and academic achievement

* Increase learning opportunities for all students

* Expand educational choice options for students. 

Our History

Learning Lodge Academy is a tuition-free, publicly funded charter school, governed by a board of directors comprised of professionals from the community. Learning Lodge Academy was founded in 2013 by it’s principal who was a former teacher and instructional trainer/coach. A contract, also known as a charter, was negotiated with Pasco County Schools and approved in February 2014 for the school to open in August.


In the summer of 2014, the Learning Lodge Academy Governing Board entered into a lease agreement with the Unity Truth Center Board for use of the facilities on Pine Hill Road in Port Richey, Florida. Learning Lodge Academy initially served 170 students in kindergarten through third grade. At that time, it employed 16 full-time staff members. Enrollment increased the following year when grade 4 was added, thus, the addition of 4 modular classrooms. That same year, Little Lodge Academy was founded and a pre-kindergarten program began under an agreement with the Early Learning Coalition. In 2016, the school expanded once again to include grade 5 students, so an additional 4 modular classrooms were added. 

Learning Lodge Academy has demonstrated a commitment to providing the highest quality education to its students.  In both the 2014-15 and 2015-16 school years, Learning Lodge Academy proudly earned a school grade of 'A' under the Florida School Accountability System. The success of the school can be attributed to the commitment of its leadership, highly trained teachers and staff, STEM curriculum, Cooperative Learning, rigorous implementation of the Florida Standards, and parent involvement.  


By September 2016, the Governing Board finalized a strategic plan after engaging in months of collaboration facilitated by a charter school consultant. The Board prioritized the following 2 objectives for the school to achieve by the 2021 school year:

  • Expand the kindergarten - fifth grade program, annually, as space permits 

  • Ensure adequate and/or permanent facilities to meet the needs of the school community

Learning Lodge Academy continues to strive for excellence in education by offering unique opportunities to its students to develop learners and leaders into achievers!

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